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Practice Recovery Mode and the Economic Shift for Independent Physicians’ Offices

The last few years have been difficult for all working industries, particularly healthcare. With new government regulations and the general shift in how people work, live, and approach medicine, healthcare post-pandemic is uncharted territory.


This new reality has led to significant economic strain for some physicians–an economic strain that continues to be challenged by varying changes in the overall economy.


To address these changes and how they impact healthcare finances, Adjuvant.Health created the Practice Recovery program to help physicians’ offices best position themselves in an unstable market. Let’s take a look at how the program came to be and what it aims to accomplish.


What is “Practice Recovery”?

“Practice Recovery” is a system created to help physicians emerge from unexpected financial hardships caused by external factors. We work directly with physicians and administrators to provide tools, resources, and tips that help ensure their offices and staff can continue providing quality patient care.


Practice Recovery can be implemented in a range of medical settings and offices from pediatrics to adult medicine and beyond.


One of our deepest values at Adjuvant.Health is to help physicians meet patients where they are. We had seen many of our clients experience financial hardship due to the health crisis, and we knew we needed to provide an educational infrastructure to help medical practitioners with vital services to protect their practice. Part of meeting patients and physicians where they are is changing how we serve and speaking in a way they can most relate to.


The Economy’s Impact on Healthcare

Physicians’ offices should pay attention to the economic shifts happening around them because they can profoundly impact the quality of care they can provide. Everything from shifting work schedules to changes in healthcare priorities, physicians must carefully examine all variables that impact their business’s operations. The Practice Recovery program extends to our clients and patients the same quality care and medicine that we extend to our staff.


Unfortunately, if physicians and pediatricians do not consider the trends in the economy when planning, staff and patients often bare the burden. Overfilled schedules and general negative company culture can lead to employee burnout and turnover as well as poor patient care. Plus, unstable financial infrastructure in an office can mean a lack of necessary hiring and retention of quality employees that can make a difference in patient health.


Physicians and administrators can combat these effects by being proactive in their planning. Proactive planning limits the opportunity of being blind-sided by economic shifts and leads to fair compensation, easier purchasing of medical supplies, and a company culture that employees can be proud of. Not to mention, being proactive helps ensure a practice’s reputation and high standard quality of care.


How Physicians Can Prepare for the Unexpected

We all love the comfort of a routine which means that changes in financials or compliance can be scary for some. Adjuvant.Health strives to listen with an open mind and lead with safe, logical solutions that demonstrate the best interest of physicians, staff, and patients.


“When planning financials around the unexpected in healthcare, it’s always best to start with the Adjuvant.Health website,” said Valerie Mayer, Chief Financial Officer of Adjuvant.Health. “Here physicians can get a true feel for who we are and the services we can provide.”


The website offers incredible tools to help physicians and pediatricians plan for current or upcoming economic changes. From leadership tools to webinars and physician wellness segments, our clients enjoy helpful healthcare tips across a range of unique topics.


Plus, our representatives specialize in promoting and protecting independent practices to ensure physicians’ offices have the right resources to set themselves up for success.


How can Adjuvant.Health Help?

While it may be impossible to plan for every unexpected event, it is possible to take proactive steps to eliminate or reduce the impact of financial hardships before they occur. Planning early and asking the right questions now can help physicians avoid having to answer them in the midst of an economic event.


Adjuvant.Health is your trusted healthcare management partner to help strategize and plan for bumps in the road so that you, your employees, patients, and their families can always enjoy an optimum quality of life. If you’re interested in seeing how you can help protect your business today and in the future, contact us today!