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Top 5 Ways Social Media is Used in Healthcare Digital Marketing

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Did you know that over 4 billion people use social media? That’s more than half of the world’s entire population. Social media is a great way for people and businesses to connect and communicate with one another. Healthcare organizations typically use social media as a way to engage and share information with current and potential patients. From sharing resources and information to communication in times of crisis, here are the top five ways social media is used in healthcare digital marketing.


1.  Sharing information

Social media helps healthcare organizations and professionals easily share information with their patients. This includes:

  • Facility updates
  • Guidelines
  • Patient testimonials
  • Health tips and recommendations
  • Event information
  • Discoveries
  • Research
  • Relevant news

Actively sharing information on social media helps organizations become thought leaders in the industry which builds trust with current and potential patients who might be interested in receiving healthcare in the future.


2.  Promoting healthcare services

Social media is a powerful way to reach a large number of people, and healthcare organizations can use it to promote their services to consumers. Several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn also allow users to target specific groups which is an effective strategy to help organizations market services to their ideal client or patient.


3.  Gathering feedback from patients

Using social media gives healthcare organizations the ability to listen and engage in online conversations. Even if these healthcare organizations or professionals don’t engage in the conversations, they can still gather valuable feedback by monitoring these online interactions. It can provide doctors and physicians with immediate feedback or opinions from patients and their caregivers. This feedback is readily available on social media platforms and gives healthcare organizations and professionals the ability to hear about patient reactions and experiences. They can then use this information to adjust their own processes and improve their services and care.


4.  Building community

Social media allows healthcare organizations to easily share information and connect with other professionals in the industry. Healthcare professionals can use social media platforms to join online communities where they can listen to experts and discuss challenges with colleagues. Actively engaging with other healthcare professionals is a great way to market healthcare services and even attract top talent.


5.  Engaging with medical professionals and influencers

With the help of online professionals and influencers, social media is a great way to reach more people and establish trust with patients. While earning consumer trust is critical in every industry, it is especially important in healthcare. Many people tend to seek the input and opinions of their peers and are more inclined to trust the opinion of a person rather than an organization. By having healthcare professionals and physicians share genuine and valuable content, they can begin to build relationships that patients and consumers can trust.


Using social media to build trust and empower consumers

Healthcare organizations and professionals should continue to use social media strategies to communicate, engage and interact with their audience. Using these channels effectively can help build brand loyalty and trust among their current and future patients. As a forward-thinking organization that continually searches for new, innovative approaches to the practice of medicine, Adjuvant.Health provides a full suite of medical consultative services, including healthcare digital marketing. Contact us today to learn how we can help maximize your brand and marketing efforts so practicing physicians can focus more on providing quality patient care.