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Ascend Capital Partners Announces Equity Investment in Allied Physicians Group and Adjuvant.Health

Ascend Capital Partners, a healthcare focused private equity partnership, today announced an equity investment in Allied Physicians Group, New York’s largest independent provider of pediatric care, and Adjuvant.Health

Breaking the burnout: How health care leaders can support physician well-being

Dr. Jennifer Shaer, pediatrician, Chief Wellness Officer of Allied Physicians Group, and executive and physician coach at Adjuvant.Health explores how healthcare leaders can support physician well-being.

Are Pediatricians Too Nice?

Dr. Jennifer Shaer, pediatrician, Chief Wellness Officer of Allied Physicians Group, and executive and physician coach at Adjuvant.Health discusses the nature of pediatricians on 

Holidays can open up a range of emotions

Dr. Jennifer Shaer, pediatrician, Chief Wellness Officer of Allied Physicians Group, and a certified executive and life coach, writes an important article for Kevin, MD, regarding mental health during the holiday season.

So Right You Are Wrong

Leslie Baker, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Experience Officer of Adjuvant.Health writes a piece for Healthcare Tech Outlook about doing the best for your team regardless of the circumstances. 
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Leslie Baker named new acting COO of Adjuvant.Health

Baker,  of  Macon, Georgia,  also  serves  as  Adjuvant.Health’s  chief experience officer,  a position she will continue to perform in her new role.  She joined Allied Physicians Group, based in Melville, in 2015  as a consultant  where she was instrumental in the  development of  Adjuvant.Health.

Dr. Kerry Fierstein Interviewed on The Independent Pulse

Listen to Dr. Kerry Fierstein on The Independent Pulse – a collection of short conversations with physicians and administrators highlighting critical topics in the world of independent healthcare.

2022 Premier Business Women Award Winners

Dr. Kerry Fierstein honored at the 2022 Herald Premier Business Women of Long Island Awards.

2021 PCMH Certification

We are very excited to announce that we’ve earned recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for 2020 standards. Our Allied offices have achieved this standard since 2014. Across the nation, New York State (NYS) has consistently led in this standard representing 16% of all clinicians in the US and Allied represents approximately 10% of all NYS certified clinicians. Our Allied pediatricians and clinicians continue to place top in this recognition. 

Dr. Kerry Fierstein Talks About Women’s Right to Vote

CEO of Allied Physicians Group Dr. Kerry Fierstein talks about how women who fought for the right to vote paved the wave for women of the future. “I’m thankful for all those women back then, and since then, that have fought for my rights and my place in the world,” says Fierstein. 

Allied Physicians Group and Adjuvant.Health names CEO

Dr. Kerry Frommer Fierstein named CEO of Allied Physicians Group and Adjuvant.Health

Following Recommended Vaccination Schedules

Well visits and vaccinations are essential for good health. Recommended vaccination schedules help avoid vaccine-preventable diseases from coming back.

Dr. Janice Montague talks about Kawasaki Diseases

After examining and testing telemedicine services, Allied Physicians Group has selected Anytime Pediatrics as their partner.

AI Seen as Next Frontier for Patient­-Provider Texting

Patients seem to prefer text messages to help them remember appointments among other things and AI is seen as a way to automate them.

Allied Physicians Group Partners with Anytime Pediatrics

News12 Westchester talks to Dr. Janice Montague of Allied Physicians Group about Kawasaki Disease.

Dr. Shaer of Allied Physicians Group to be Honored

Long Island Children’s Choir to recognize Dr. Jennifer Shaer of Melville-headquartered Allied Physicians Group.